Spur G&W Osborne

Spur G&W Osborne


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Catalog This product can be found on page 67 of the Ennis Fabrics 7th Edition Canada Supply Catalogue This product can be found on page 81 of the Ennis Fabrics 7th Edition USA Supply Catalogue
Cautions Will not work with Cruiser Brand Dies, must be used with Osborne Dies
Features 13/32 Hole Diameter. Use Hole Punch part number 5031 and Setting Dies part number 5055., Rolled rim grommets have an extra lip on the rim pf the grommet that accepts the spurs of the washer to give the ultimate pull out resistance.
Industry Awning Contract Marine OEM Residential Industrial
Primary Colour Silver
Product Description #1 Spur G&W Osborne - Nickel-plated Brass grommets that can only be used with Stimpson or DOT die sets
Uses Awnings


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