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Elizabeth 608 Pumice

Elizabeth provides a faux velvet striated design in this sharp grey tone.

stardust 904 Domino

Stardust is a textured fabric with a heathered boucle plain design. The blend of textures in this fabric adds depth and interest, providing a unique and captivating visual appeal.

Monarch 608 Linen

Monarch 608 Linen is a centered chenielle medalion creating depth in. this beige color combination.

Defender 505 Yellow

Defender PU 505 YELLOW is a 100 % polyester with a water repellant finish. This light weight 600 denier fabric is great for out door uses such as in the making of or fixing bags and backpacks.

Atlas 66

Atlas 3rd Edition 66 White is a 100% coated PVC with a 100% woven polyester scrim. This is great light weight entry truck tarping fabric that passes MVSS302 and has a UV rating of 300 hours.