July 2024

Immerse yourself in a palette of vibrant colors, transforming each texture into a sensory delight.
June 2024

Our carefully curated selection presents a fusion of intricate patterns and unique designs, each narrating a tale of craftsmanship and sophistication.
July 2024

A curated symphony of textures – Angora | Emma | Tatum | William

New & improved
Feather Pillows

Vacuum-packed and filled with down feathers. Available in 6 sizes these pillows are efficiently shipped due to the double compact packaging.

We have partnered with Ultrafabrics to become the exclusive distributor of their products in Canada!

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July 2024
It's Personal: Simple


July 2024
Mixer Collection


Our Promise

Giving back to the environment through a 1% donation on all sales of our SolarShade products. This directly benefits our environment and our planet for all future generations.