Patio Jacquard Plus

Patio Jacquard Plus


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Features Fabric Thickness (In) (ASTM D 1777): 0.038 Bond Strength (Lb) (CS 248-64): 45 Openness Factor (%) (TMS-TM-009): 6.5 Blocking (FS L-S-125B): Scale 2 Colorfastness to 240 hours Accelerated Weathering (TMS-TM-003): Dark Colors - Good, Light Colors - Fa
Primary Colour Gray
Product Description Patio Jacq. Plus 977 Mocha is a 100% Polyvinyl Chloride made by Phifertex for the outdoor furniture market. This mesh is UV and mildew resistance.
Roll Size 60 yds (54 m)
Uses Awnings
Weight 550 gsm

24.3 oz/yd

16.2 oz/sq yd

Width 54 in. (137 cm)
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