Losso E-Z Snap Lubricant

Losso E-Z Snap Lubricant


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Brand Iosso
Catalog This product can be found on page 112 of the Ennis Fabrics 7th Edition Canada Supply Catalogue

This product can be found on page 148 of the Ennis Fabrics 7th Edition USA Supply Catalogue

Cautions Consult product label and MSDS for safe handling instructions.
Collection Supply Catalogue 7th Edition
Features It lubricates, waterproofs and reduces friction. E-Z snap keeps snaps from corroding and locking up. It keeps zippers free flowing. Instead of using sprays that get everywhere, E-Z snap gets only where you want it. It does not contain solvents, sili
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Instructions Place one drop in the head of the snap, then close and open it a few times. Place a few drops down the center of a zipper. Work the zipper a few times to distribute the lubricant. If removal is necessary, use the Safe-T-Solve (CLEIO7113/4), and wash
Product Description Iosso E-Z Snap Lubricant - 1.5 oz. tube-E-Z-Snap lubricates, waterproofs, protects and reduces friction on snaps, zippers, hinges and hardware. This is a non-staining, non-solvent, non-silicone, non-toxic formula.
Uses Upholstery

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