80 Supertrim Adhesive

80 Supertrim Adhesive


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RV4 and RV5 of the Ennis Fabrics 7th Edition Canada Supply Catalogue

This product can be found on page 145 of the Ennis Fabrics 7th Edition USA Supply Catalogue

Cautions Consult product label and MSDS for safe handling instructions.
Features Faster drying than traditional contact cements, with a tack range from 4 to 30 minutes. Because it will not break down with heat or water, it is ideal for heavy weight headliners, hood silencer pads and vinyl tops. Contains no ozone depleting ingred
Industry Contract
Product Description 80 Super trim Adhesive(18 oz. can)-bonding for most Rubber compounds and Vinyl's, high heat resistance, high strength neoprene contact adhesive, & not recommended for polyethylene or polypropylene
Uses Upholstery
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