#3.5 7/64in. Nyl Diamond Braid Braid Cord - 3000ft


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Cautions Rated breaking strength is the optimum strength achieved with new rope under laboratory conditions. The test consists of a slow steady pull in a straight line. Real life applications normally involve many different factors working on the rope includ
Content Face 100% Polypropylene
Features Same as #6695. Bulk spool is more economical for larger production runs. Small diameter and high strength make this product a natural choice for drawstrings.
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Marine OEM


Primary Colour White
Product Description #3.5 7/64 Diamond Braid general purpose cord has excellent handling characteristics. Composed of Nylon and Polypropylene mix which gives it good durability. The cord is an acid, mildew, rot, oil and gas resistant.
Roll Size 1000 yds (914 m)
Uses Bags
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