Endurepel Fundamentals

Learn About our Endurepel Products!

What is endurepel?

Endurepel is our performance finish that is applied to woven or coated fabrics. There are currently three types of Endurepel finishes: Shield, Armour and Barrier. Each has its own features, recommended uses and coating process. Our Endurepel finished products are cross-functional and can be used across various industries.

Endurepel Fundamentals

Who developed endurepel?

Endurepel is Ennis Fabrics’ proprietary range of performance finishes. We are proud of the Endurepel products we’ve developed because they help protect your product, prolonging its fantastic condition and expanding its lifespan. Our motto is designed for your success, which couldn’t be more accurate about our Endurepel finished products.

Endurepel SHield

Endurepel Shield is our solution to life’s little messes. Who wants to spend hours cleaning stains out of their gorgeous furniture or dealing with the scent of liquid-soaked fabrics?

Endurepel Shield is the perfect solution – a performance finish coating that will make you never worry about a spill or a stain again! Endurepel Shield provides woven fabrics with anti-stain and moisture-repellent technology as well as easy cleanability features and odour protection.

This incredible C0 finish is 100% fluorocarbon-free (PFAS-free technology). Water-based and low-alcohol-based stains will bead on the surface of the fabric allowing for easy removal. You’ll need a piece of paper towel to give the spill a couple of swipes before your fabric looks brand new again. Endurepel is offered on some pre-treated fabrics and an after-finish on most woven fabrics.

For heavy oil-based stains we recommend a mild detergent and prompt removal of the stains.  

Endurepel Fundamentals

Our new Endurepel Fundamentals III collection features patterns Arlo, Comrade, Craze, Felicity, Gavin, Lorenzo and Oris.

Endurepel Armour

While Endurepel Shield protects our woven fabrics, Endurepel Armour is made to protect our coated products, like our popular patterns, Challenger, Premier & Guardian. Barrier provides anti-mildew and antibacterial properties to increase the life of finished products.  

Endurepel Fundamentals

Endurepel Barrier

The only difference between Endurepel Barrier and Shield is that it provides a full moisture barrier backing to woven products, making it the perfect application for healthcare. Endurepel Barrier is available for special order only. 

Endurepel will keep your fabrics safe and secure for years to come. For all of life’s little messes, Endurepel is there for you! You can browse our Endurepel treated products on our website.