Keeps your fabric 10% cooler in direct sunlight

Why Guardian and Challenger are the COOL Fabrics to Use This Summer

Have you ever come back to your boat after a long, hot day from enjoying the sun to sit down and be startled by the burning touch of your seat? Investing in a boat cover might do the trick, or parking in a more shaded spot could help avoid the sun's scorch. But what if there was a way the seat could cool itself? And no, it doesn't involve anything fancy like AI detecting the perfect temperature to always keep your seat at. True innovation comes from within the fabric. At Ennis Fabrics, Challenger and Guardian have the secret to keeping you cool out on the waters this summer.



The fabric that is up for any challenge

First, let's introduce Challenger if you have yet to hear about the fabric. If you have, this post will refresh your memory about why it's an ideal choice. Challenger is a breath of fresh air in the vinyl industry with its soft leather feel and reliable fabric design. The durability and strength of the vinyl make it a strong competitor because of its stretchability and resistance to rips and tears. Due to these qualities, Challenger can be used across many markets, such as automotive, marine, healthcare, hospitality, and more. Now you know the real meaning behind Challenger's name.



Better than genuine leather

On another note, Challenger's equal but more stylish counterpart is Guardian. Guardian has the look and feel of genuine leather, which comes in beautiful colours and patterns. In addition to its aesthetic, Guardian is just as versatile in multiple markets, is long-lasting, and is easy to clean. The next time you see Guardian online or in-store, remember that it's another vinyl player that shouldn’t be underestimated.


  • More comfort on a hot day
    • ENCOOL keeps the fabric 10% cooler than regular coated fabric. The technology was designed with you in mind, so you don't have to think twice before you sit. 

  • New looks for the season
    • Darker coloured fabrics can now be used for seating on boats and outdoors due to the ENCOOL properties, allowing for more colour choices. Out with the lights and whites, and in with the cool, darker tones!

  • Longer Fabric Life
    • With the ability to combat stains, tears, and rips, the look and feel of the fabric can be preserved. Your seats will look like they haven't aged a day. 

Now that summer is finally settling in remember you can still appreciate the heat with Challenger and Guardian. In addition to fighting against wear and tear and their versatility, both fabrics are constructed with ENCOOL technology so that you can stay cool. Keep these fabrics in your back pocket when reupholstering your boat seats.